We offer dependable monthly dividends to investors, supported by the collective strength of our portfolio of subsidiary companies.

Essential services, reliable dividends

At Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), we have built a diverse portfolio of companies specializing in two main operating segments: Aerospace & Aviation and Manufacturing. Our 19 subsidiaries deliver essential products and services to niche markets: from medevac services in Canada's north to precision-machined components for the defence sector. The critical nature of those offerings, and the diversity of our subsidiaries, allows our portfolio to weather economic cycles and market fluctuations - producing consistently solid results and a reliable monthly dividend our investors can rely on.

Collective strength

Our strategy is built on providing support that allows our subsidiary companies to operate autonomously and maintain their own individual business identities. Most have retained management teams and organizational structures in place before their acquisition by EIC. When we buy companies, we make them stronger by nurturing and supporting growth opportunities. In turn, their success delivers an even more reliable investment for our shareholders.

Socially responsible investing

Our subsidiaries make positive contributions in the communities they serve. We have an extensive footprint in rural and northern Canada, including numerous remote and First Nations communities where we are the primary air service provider. We are proud to be partners in two Indigenous-owned businesses, and all of the companies we acquire are diversity employers with a strong focus on health, safety and environmental sustainability.

A history of disciplined, diverse acquisitions

For investors looking for Canadian aerospace, aviation or manufacturing stocks, the EIC family of companies includes:

Unite Interactive