BVGlazing Systems delivers building envelope solutions to their customers through their ability to engineer, manufacture and install all products needed for the façade of multi-use developments. Building's in their name.

Founded: 1958

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2023

What it provides: manufacturer of unitized window wall, curtain wall, stick curtain wall and railing systems primarily for mid and high rise building projects in Canada and the U.S.

Serving: High rise developers in major North American markets

Location: Concord and Niagara Falls, Ontario

Number of employees: 620


How BVGlazing Systems services are essential:

BVGlazing Systems' advanced window and railing systems incorporate a complete full-service integrated solution that gives developers, designers, and architects the ability to construct the complete building envelope. BVGlazing Systems' services are essential for ensuring safety, functionality, aesthetics and are energy efficient to meet the thermal requirements for the overall building wall system.

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