From aeromedical services to powerline maintenance to film production to live animal capture, Custom Helicopters can provide an aircraft to meet practically any need in any industry - with a commitment to training and safety that has earned it a reputation as one of Canada's best helicopter operators.

Founded: 1977

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2012

What it provides: Helicopter fleet available for a variety of services

Serving: Primarily aeromedical, utility, mining and government sectors in Manitoba, Nunavut and British Columbia

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Number of employees: 150


How Custom Helicopters' services are essential:

With a versatile fleet of more than 30 aircraft, Custom Helicopters delivers a variety of essential services to Canadian customers, including aeromedical, search and rescue, mineral exploration, power and telecommunication line maintenance, wildlife surveys, forest fire suppression, corporate transportation, aerial photography and more. The company also offers helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul services. Customers rely on Custom Helicopters for the highest levels of safety, reliability and adaptability in the industry.

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