Ben Machine Products meets the most demanding machining and milling requirements of North America's aerospace and defence industries. With a fully integrated suite of services and solutions, it is a leading manufacturer of complex, precision-machined components and assemblies.

Founded: 1973

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2015

Services offered: Computer numerical control (CNC) machining and turning, castings and brazing, welding, complex assembly, sheet metal fabrication and finishing services

Serving: Aerospace and defence companies across Canada and the United States

Location: Vaughan, Ontario

Number of employees: 210


How Ben Machine Products services are essential:

Ben Machine Products is a fully integrated solutions provider and manufacturer of complex components and assemblies. Combining decades of experience with the latest manufacturing technologies, its highly precise machining and milling services are compliant with the strictest military, aerospace, nuclear and commercial standards and measurement guidelines.

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