Quest Window Systems advanced, unitized window wall system has been used in high-rise multi-residential buildings in every major North American city from Toronto to New York to Los Angeles - a customized solution that speeds up construction and better protects buildings from the elements.

Founded: 2000

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2017

What it provides: Manufacturer of an advanced, unitized window wall system used primarily for high-rise multi-residential developments

Serving: High-rise developers in all major North American urban markets

Location: Mississauga, Ontario & Dallas, Texas

Number of employees: 660


How Quest Window Systems services are essential:

Quest Window Systems is more than just a window company: its advanced window wall system covers the entire building envelope, enclosing all glass, metal panels, doors, awnings and louvers that make up the exterior walls of high-rise developments. Fully customizable, Quest Window Systems solutions are easy to install, reducing on-site labour and allowing buildings to be sealed off from weather elements sooner. The company continuously tests and brings new solutions to market, improving air, water, acoustic, energy and condensation resistance to meet local building conditions.

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