Small and large communities across Northern Manitoba and Nunavut depend on Calm Air's passenger, charter and cargo services - and its fleet of aircraft designed specifically for use in the Canadian Arctic - to get people and goods where they need to be.

Founded: 1961

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2009

What it provides: Passenger, charter and cargo airline service

Serving: Destinations across Northern Manitoba and Nunavut

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Number of employees: 550


How Calm Air's services are essential:

Calm Air is a vital transportation link for people living and doing business in the northern part of Central Canada. In addition to providing daily scheduled passenger flights, it makes cargo shipments to large and small centres across the region, and also offers on-demand charter services to governments, businesses and community groups. Its fleet of aircraft is specifically configured for reliable service in the Canadian Arctic, including freight-dedicated aircraft capable of moving bulk goods, materials, equipment and fuel wherever they're needed.

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