Water Blast's pressure washers and cleaning systems take on the toughest cleaning jobs in the automotive, oil and heavy equipment industries.

Founded: 1973

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2007

What it provides: Designs, manufactures, installs & services high end pressure washer cleaning & steam systems

Serving: Industrial/commercial customers in Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and North Dakota

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Number of employees: 100

Website: www.hotsyAB.com; www.jaspertank.com

How Water Blast's services are essential:

Water Blast is the exclusive distributor of Hotsy pressure washers and cleaning compounds in Western Canada and North Dakota: powerful, industrial-grade equipment used primarily in the oil and gas sector. It also builds custom cleaning systems and manufactures its own lines of automatic parts washers, caustic dip tanks and washwater recycling systems. As Jasper Tank, the company builds steel tanks that can be mounted on trucks or trailers, with a model unique in its industry: designing and building the tanks from start to finish under one roof.

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