Crew Training International ("CTI") delivers training solutions for its customers across an array of aviation platforms including training pilots and sensor operators on both manned and unmanned aircraft for the U.S. Department of Defence.

Founded: 1992

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2021

What it provides: Instruction and learning services to the United States Air Force, United States Navy & Marine Corps. and NATO

Serving: 20 different states across the United States

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Number of employees: 525


How CTI's services are essential:

CTI delivers vital, in demand training services leveraging unique insights acquired from specialized clients including the United States Air Force, United States Navy, Marine Corps and NATO.

Deeply committed to providing learning solutions that exceed customer expectation, their team of instructional designers, education technologists, graphic artists and programmers develop materials and methods to suit the most exacting requirements in their industry.

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