The Canadian leader in agriculture process control systems, LV Control Manufacturing combines industry-specific knowledge, leading-edge hardware and a customer-focused approach to help agricultural facilities worldwide.

Founded: 1975

Date of acquisition by EIC: 2019

What it provides: Agriculture process control and automation systems

Serving: Agriculture material-handling facilities in Canada and worldwide

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Number of employees: 45


How LV Control Manufacturing services are essential:

LV Control Manufacturing produces one-of-a-kind solutions for the agricultural sector, helping automate grain handling, feed processing, seed cleaning, fertilizer blending and other activities. Combining expert engineering and agriculture-specific knowledge with proprietary products and software, the company provides a single interface that integrates numerous electrical distribution and process control systems. By bringing together custom control panels, capacitance level switches, rotary pulse generators, bearing temperature sensors and more, LV Control Manufacturing helps improve its customers' operational efficiency and product flow-through.

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