Our Company


The Company is a diversified, acquisition-oriented corporation focused on opportunities in aerospace, aviation and manufacturing. The business plan of the Company is to invest in profitable, well-established companies with strong cash flows operating in niche markets. The objectives of the Company are:

  1. to provide Shareholders with stable and growing dividends;
  2. to maximize Shareholder value through on-going active monitoring of and investment in its Operating Subsidiaries; and
  3. to continue to acquire additional companies, businesses or interests therein in order to expand and diversify the Company's investments.

Acquisition Strategy

The Company's acquisition strategy is to target niche businesses with strong cash flows, which acquisitions are well suited for public markets as income generating vehicles.

The Company seeks to acquire businesses with the following characteristics:

  1. attractive margins
  2. defensible market position
  3. low maintenance capital expenditures
  4. identifiable competitive advantage(s)
  5. barriers to market entry by competitors

The Company seeks to retain the key management personnel following acquisitions and have such key management personnel own an equity interest in the Company.

Management believes profitable, well-established family-owned or closely held businesses with strong cash flows that operate in niche markets present an attractive investment opportunity owing to the fact many such businesses do not have a succession plan.

Management believes the Company will be able to continue to implement its investment strategy of acquiring businesses with these characteristics to provide additional cash flow and further enhance long-term Shareholder value.

Attributes of target companies:

  • Profitable, mid-market companies with an emphasis on manufacturers or aviation services
  • Strong management team
  • Demonstrable growth opportunity
  • Sustainable annual EBITDA with a diverse customer base.

Purchase prices are based on a multiple of historical sustainable EBITDA.

Implementation of Acquisition Strategy

Since its inception, to the date hereof, the Company has completed a number of acquisitions spread over that time. The timing of each acquisition is noted in the subsidiary description.

The Company currently owns Operating Subsidiaries in two niche business segments:

  1. Aerospace & Aviation Services
  2. Manufacturing

The Operating Subsidiaries operate autonomously and maintain their individual business identities. The Company relies on the high quality management teams of its Operating Subsidiaries and does not rely on operating synergies to justify acquisitions.

It is the intention of management to continuously monitor the Company's Operating Subsidiaries, and to undertake future acquisitions and divestitures as deemed beneficial to the Company.

Internal Growth Strategy

The Company closely monitors management of the Operating Subsidiaries to ensure the Operating Subsidiaries continue to have sound business operations and expansion strategies, where appropriate. Management seeks to identify and exploit potential synergies among the Company's Operating Subsidiaries.

Operating Subsidiaries

For a more extensive description of each of the Operating Subsidiaries, please refer to our subsidiaries section of this website.