The Company's operating segments are strategic business units that offer different products and services. The Company has two operating segments: Aerospace & Aviation and Manufacturing

The operating subsidiaries of the Company ("Subsidiary" or "Subsidiaries") operate autonomously and maintain their individual business identities. Management of the Company continuously monitors the operating subsidiaries, and will undertake future acquisitions as deemed beneficial to the Company.

Aerospace & Aviation

The Aerospace & Aviation segment is comprised of three lines of business: Essential Air Services, Aerospace, and Aircraft Sales & Leasing.

Essential Air Services

The Essential Air Services business line includes both fixed wing and rotary wing operations. Under various brand names across Canada, our subsidiaries provide essential services to Canada's northern and remote communities, including medevac, passenger, charter, freight services, and auxiliary services. The majority of the communities served are not accessible year-round by ground transportation, meaning our airlines provide a vital link into these communities. Our operations span across Canada, and more specifically include operations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, and Quebec. The Corporation also operates two flight schools, training pilots both for our own airlines and for airlines around the world.

Essential Air Services includes the operations of Calm Air International LP, CANLink Aviation Inc. (MFC Training), Carson Air Ltd, Custom Helicopters Ltd., Keewatin Air LP, PAL Airlines Ltd., and Perimeter Aviation LP (including its operating division, Bearskin Airlines).


The Aerospace business line includes our vertically integrated aerospace offerings that provide customized and integrated special mission aircraft solutions primarily to governments across the globe. These services encompass mission systems design and integration, aircraft modifications, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance operations, software development, logistics and in-service support. Most of these services are provided pursuant to long term government contracts. In addition, our subsidiaries deliver training solutions across an array of aviation platforms and have in-depth experience in training pilots and sensor operators on both manned and unmanned aircraft for governmental agencies.

Aerospace includes the operations of Crew Training International, Inc. and PAL Aerospace Ltd.

Aircraft Sales & Leasing

The Aircraft Sales & Leasing business line includes aftermarket aircraft, engine and parts sales and aircraft and engine leasing along with aircraft management services. Our subsidiaries specialize in regional and commuter aircraft, and seek to monetize their portfolio over the full life cycle of the asset. Our subsidiaries are not typical finance lessors; rather, assets are leased for shorter durations to consume the available green time on those assets. Once the green time has been consumed, the assets can then either be overhauled and leased out again, or torn down into piece parts and sold to airlines around the world to generate further cash flows. Revenue streams include selling whole aircraft, engines and components of those assets, leasing of aircraft and engines and fee income earned through the provision of services for third parties such as asset management or consignment sales. Our expertise in understanding the value of each component of an aircraft and the anticipated demand for those components, including the next major shop visits and next major overhaul event for each platform we specialize in, provides a competitive advantage on what to buy and what to pay.

Aircraft Sales & Leasing includes the operations of EIC Aircraft Leasing Limited and Regional One, Inc.


The Manufacturing segment is comprised of three lines of business: Environmental Access Solutions, Multi-Storey Window Solutions and Precision Manufacturing & Engineering.

Environmental Access Solutions

Environmental Access Solutions business is the largest provider of temporary access solutions in Canada, providing a turnkey service which includes planning, consultation, delivery and installation, logistical support, and removal and washing solutions. Our access solutions and related services provide temporary ground protection that allows customers to access job sites or use heavy machinery and equipment on wet, loose, or otherwise unstable or environmentally sensitive ground. Access mats and bridges provide access to remote areas in a much more environmentally friendly way than the construction of temporary gravel roads and installation of culverts and water-diversion devices, which are difficult to remove and remediate and can cause cross-contamination of soil. As the largest operator in this industry, we provide a one-stop solution for our clients with a vertically integrated platform including in-house mat manufacturing capabilities, a sizable fleet of trucks and equipment, and a portable, patented closed-loop mat washing system.

Environmental Access Solutions includes the operations of Northern Mat and Bridge LP.

Multi-Storey Window Solutions

The Multi-Storey Window Solutions business line includes the design, manufacture and installation of the exteriors of residential and mixed-use high rises which integrate residential, retail, and office spaces. Our subsidiaries manufacture an advanced unitized window wall system, curtain wall and railings. This provides solutions for the entire façade, including the windows, operable elements and opaque areas that surround the exterior envelope of a building. Our vertically integrated offering within the Multi-Storey Window Solutions includes installation services in both Canada and in the United States. In the United States, we have the capability to install both our internally manufactured window solutions or those manufactured by others.

Multi-Storey Window Solutions includes the operations of BVGlazing Systems Inc. and Quest Window Systems Inc.

Precision Manufacturing & Engineering

The Precision Manufacturing & Engineering line of business provides engineering and precision manufacturing services throughout North America in a wide variety of industries. These services include: wireless and wireline construction and maintenance services; the manufacturing of precision parts and components for a variety of industries; the manufacture of portable hydronic climate control equipment; the manufacture of specialized stainless steel tanks, vessels, and processing equipment; electrical and control systems integration focused on the agricultural material handling segment; and the manufacture of specialized heavy-duty pressure washing and steam systems, commercial water recycling systems, and custom tanks.

Precision Manufacturing & Engineering includes the operations of Ben Machine Products Company Incorporated, DryAir Manufacturing Corp., Hansen Industries Ltd., LV Control Mfg. Ltd., Overlanders Manufacturing LP, Stainless Fabrication, Inc., Water Blast Manufacturing LP, and WesTower Communications Ltd.

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