WesTower Communications

WesTower Communications ("WesTower") was acquired in April 2011 consisting of operating entities for the United States market and Canadian market. It was founded in 1990 as a designer and builder of tower structures.

The company's operations expanded beyond that to include the following:

  • construction of tower structures
  • fabrication of tower structures
  • professional services that provide complete services, including acquiring the tower site, architectural and engineering, project management, and staff augmentation
  • technical services on existing towers
  • a combination of all of the above
  • disaster recovery that provides temporary cellular towers to disaster areas with damaged infrastructure

WesTower is also known in its industry for its focus and success rates for safe work places for its employees. The mission of WesTower can be summarized as: Safety, Quality, and Productivity. The safety and health of their employee's is considered to be the most significant factor for WesTower's success. Quality means doing all tasks correctly, the first time, every time. Performing work correctly means doing it safely.

WesTower gives its customers an ability to work in unique locations and under unique circumstances. This includes designing and constructing towers in communities with stringent conditions around the appearance of towers. As a result, towers are designed to be stealth and fit in with the geographic area such as a flag pole, a church steeple, a cactus or the replica of a monument.

The main customers of WesTower are the major telecommunication companies. These customers deal with WesTower's services in constructing new towers, moving existing towers, and upgrading or changing the equipment on existing towers.

In October 2014, Exchange Income Corporation sold the US operations of WesTower. As a result, WesTower includes the Canadian operations only subsequent to that transaction. The operations of WesTower's Canadian operations are focused on the engineering, design, manufacturing and construction of these towers.

For more information about WesTower's Canadian operations, please visit www.westower.ca.

(WestTower Communications was acquired by the Company in April 2011)