Regional One

Regional One is a leading distributor of regional aircraft, engines, and aftermarket parts located in Miami, Florida. In addition, Regional One maintains a portfolio of aircraft, engines, and rotable components on operating leases to regional airline operators around the world. Its niche market is based around regional turbo-jet, turbo-prop aircraft, and E-Jet variants as well. Their inventory stock is constantly growing as they invest in assets to support their world-wide customer base. Further, because of their inventory size, they are able to consign inventories directly with their customers so parts are available for immediate consumption.

Regional One's location is in proximity to one of the largest international airports in the world which assures their customers, over 150 airlines located around the world, that their shipping demands can be met the same day every day under most conditions. The advanced systems of Regional One's inventory management processes allow their global sales team to verify stock availability and access trace documents twenty four hours a day which enables them to provide its customers with delivery timelines that limits the down time of their fleet.

Regional One has built a strong global reputation, expanded its market share and gained countless lasting relationships in this industry by assisting airlines around the world to grow, keep their aircraft flying and plan for an expanding future.

The key to Regional One's success and longevity as a supplier to the regional aviation community is due to its knowledgeable and experienced workforce. They possess a dynamic team of highly experienced senior aviation industry professionals with over 100 years of collective experience in various facets of the aviation industry in domestic and international regional markets.

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(Regional One was acquired by the Company in April 2013)