Quest Window Systems

Founded in 2000, Quest is a manufacturer of an advanced unitized "window wall system" used primarily in high-rise multi residential developments. Quest produces the entire building envelope - that is to say that Quest encloses virtually all of the building including its windows, doors, awnings and opaque areas that make up the surrounding exterior walls of the building. Quest's ECOWALL system is a ready to install, pre-glazed and highly customizable product that has been used in buildings in major North America urban markets, including Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Quest has been operating in Canada for many years and in 2014 they expanded into the US market.

Quest is not just a window company; it is a building solution company that customizes its products to meet customer requirements. Quest has an exceptional reputation in the industry for developing innovative solutions for customers and providing high quality product with on-time delivery. Their products are easy to install from the inside of the building and seal off the building floor by floor. This reduces onsite labour, enables the building to be constructed more efficiently and to be sealed off from weather elements sooner.

Quest is located in Mississauga, Ontario and has over 180,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and employ approximately 400 people.

In 2019, Quest opened a new 330,000 square foot plan in Dallas, Texas.

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(Quest Window Systems was acquired by the Company in November 2017)