Perimeter Aviation

Perimeter is a niche regional airline that provides regular scheduled passenger airline service, medevac operations and cargo services to locations in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. In addition, Perimeter provides on-demand charter services to third parties with destinations throughout Canada and the United States. Perimeter is operating out of its own terminal at the Winnipeg International Airport.

Perimeter's strategy is based on the premise that its fleet of aircraft must be well suited to the markets it services. Perimeter mainly operates two aircraft types allowing for operational efficiencies. Most of the communities serviced by Perimeter are isolated and difficult to reach by ground transportation (other than by ice-road in the winter) and as a result, customer demand is primarily made up of passenger, freight and medevac requirements.

Perimeter is able to handle varying numbers of passengers and amounts of freight and is able to adjust the cabin configuration of its aircraft quickly and easily. Many of the runways in the communities serviced by Perimeter are gravel. The aircraft utilized by Perimeter are durable and cost effective to maintain.

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(Perimeter Aviation LP was acquired by the Company in May 2004)