Overlanders Manufacturing

Overlanders is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia and is an ISO-9001 certified leading fabricator of precision sheet metal and tubular products serving companies in a diversified mix of industries in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. With being located in Abbotsford, which is part of greater Vancouver, and being within a few miles of the Canada/United States border, there is easy access to servicing markets in the Pacific Northwest.

Overlanders operates two leased manufacturing facilities in close proximity and has a total of 64,000 square feet of production space of which 6,000 square feet is used for the powder coating system.

The fabrication of metal includes processes such as punching, cutting, bending, welding, laser cutting and stamping. A fabrication method known as "machining" uses a variety of machine tools to cut or form metal to precise specifications. Overlanders’ equipment includes presses, computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment, punches, lasers, and welders. In addition Overlanders relies on computer assisted design and 3D programming software to meet its clients’ needs.

For more information about this service, please visit www.overlanders.com.

(Overlanders Manufacturing was acquired by the Company in October 2006)