Keewatin Air

Keewatin is a niche airline providing medevac and charter, services to locations in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and northern Manitoba. Although Keewatin operates charter services, its main focus is and has always been medical travel. Keewatin and its predecessors have operated in the Canadian Arctic for 45 years, logging over 150,000 hours of medevac airtime in some of the most challenging environmental conditions in the world.

Whether it is moving passengers with medical needs on charter aircraft or transporting a critically ill patient on an air ambulance, Keewatin has made medical travel its specialty. The air medical program is recognized as one of the best air ambulance services in Canada. Keewatin is committed to the provision of the best possible air services in Nunavut. Keewatin has invested substantially in the infrastructure needed to provide around the clock medically oriented air services in Nunavut and northern Manitoba.

Keewatin prides itself on providing superior medical transport services utilizing highly-experienced medical professionals and freight crew aboard specially equipped aircraft.

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(Keewatin Air LP was acquired by the Company in July 2005)