Custom Helicopters

Custom Helicopters operates a fleet of helicopters including Bell206B Jet Rangers, Bell 206 Long Rangers, Bell 205 A1s, Airbus AS350-B2s, B3es and EC135P2+. Its head office is located at St. Andrew's Airport in Winnipeg and operates bases in Churchill, Flin Flon, Garden Hill, Gillam, The Pas and Thompson in Manitoba as well as in Rankin, Nunavut and Kamloops, British Columbia. Custom Helicopters also has field operations seasonally throughout Canada.

Custom Helicopters' versatile helicopter fleet of over 20 aircraft allows it to provide a variety of services including mineral exploration, seismic support, powerline maintenance, wildlife surveys, live animal capture, forest fire suppression, diamond drill support, corporate transportation, motion picture support, helicopter maintenance repair and overhaul, as well as aerial inspection. These services are provided to a variety of customers in various regions but are mainly hydro, mining and government organizations within Manitoba, Nunavut and British Columbia.

Custom Helicopter's top priority is ensuring its equipment is maintained in pristine working order, with an unwavering commitment to safety. Through its safety procedures and training programs coupled with a high level of service, Custom Helicopter has earned the reputation of being one of Canada's best helicopter operators.

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(Custom Helicopters Ltd. was acquired by the Company in February 2012)