Calm Air International

Calm Air is a niche airline serving the northern part of Central Canada, including northern Manitoba and Nunavut. In addition, Calm Air provides on-demand charter services to third parties with destinations throughout Canada and the United States.

From its main bases at Winnipeg, Thompson and Churchill, Manitoba, and Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Calm Air operates frequent, daily scheduled passenger and cargo flights throughout Manitoba and the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. Calm Air maximizes the revenue potential on scheduled passenger flights with the shipment of cargo to large and small centres throughout its system. The fleet of aircraft is specifically adapted for passenger and freight configuration in the Canadian arctic. Calm Air also has freight dedicated aircraft that move bulk goods, materials, equipment and fuel for both contract work and freight charter services.

Calm Air provides charter services to a variety of customers, including government, corporate clients and community groups. Calm Air is also capable of providing customized charter service due to the versatility of its fleet. While Calm Air maintains a core of passenger, cargo and charter customers which provide a reliable source of income each year and throughout the year, Calm Air has a diversified customer base ensuring that it is not financially dependent on any one customer.

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(Calm Air International LP was acquired by the Company in April 2009)