Ben Machine Products

Ben Machine is a leading manufacturer that provides complex precision-machined components and assemblies primarily for the aerospace and defence industry in Canada and the United States.

Ben Machine is focused on providing a complete solution for their customers and offers a full range of services, including computer numerical control (CNC) machining and turning, brazing, casting, welding, complex assembly, sheet metal fabrication, and all necessary finishing services.

Ben Machine is a solutions provider for its customers and not simply a manufacturer of components. It uses its experience combined with the latest manufacturing technology to provide its customers with redesign opportunities to lower variances, improve quality, reduce lead times and/or reduce costs. Ben Machine's services are compliant with many military, aerospace, nuclear and commercial standards that have the highest acceptance rate standards and strict measurement guidelines.

Ben Machine is located in Ontario with a 55,000 square foot production facility and employ approximately 100 people.

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(Ben Machine was acquired by the Company in July 2015)