Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Com­menc­ing in Sep­tem­ber 2009, the Com­pany offers a div­i­dend rein­vest­ment and cash pur­chase plan (“the DRIP”) for its reg­u­lar monthly div­i­dend. The DRIP pro­vides eli­gi­ble share­hold­ers of EIC with the oppor­tu­nity to rein­vest the div­i­dends they receive on com­mon shares (“EIC Shares”) of the Com­pany in addi­tional EIC Shares at a dis­count to the mar­ket price of the EIC Shares and with­out incur­ring bro­ker­age fees or commissions.

Only share­hold­ers of the Com­pany who are res­i­dents of Canada are eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate in the DRIP. Under the terms of the DRIP, eli­gi­ble share­hold­ers may elect to rein­vest dis­tri­b­u­tions paid on EIC Shares in addi­tional EIC Shares at a price equal to 97% of the vol­ume weighted aver­age clos­ing trad­ing price (the “Aver­age Clos­ing Price”) of the EIC Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) for the five trad­ing days pre­ced­ing the div­i­dend pay­ment date.

The DRIP also per­mits eli­gi­ble share­hold­ers of the Com­pany to pur­chase new EIC Shares at a price equal to the aver­age clos­ing trad­ing price of the EIC Shares on the TSX by way of an addi­tional cash pay­ment. The pur­chase price for addi­tional cash pur­chases will be the Aver­age Clos­ing Price of the EIC Shares and no bro­ker­age fees or com­mis­sions will apply to such pur­chases under the DRIP. The min­i­mum per­mit­ted monthly optional cash pur­chase is $100, and no par­tic­i­pant may make optional cash pur­chases in excess of $10,000 in one cal­en­dar year. The aggre­gate num­ber of EIC Shares pur­chased pur­suant to optional cash pay­ments dur­ing any finan­cial year is sub­ject to a max­i­mum of two (2) per­cent of the total num­ber of out­stand­ing EIC Shares at the com­mence­ment of such finan­cial year.

EIC Shares pur­chased through the DRIP will be issued directly from the trea­sury of the Company.

Reg­is­tered share­hold­ers of the Com­pany may enroll by com­plet­ing the enroll­ment form which can be found via CST Trust Com­pany’ s web­site or by con­tact­ing CST Trust Com­pany directly. Ben­e­fi­cial share­hold­ers of the Com­pany are encour­aged to con­tact their bro­ker or other inter­me­di­ary for enrol­ment information.